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Arturo Shivers has been a lifetime resident of the beautiful and diverse San Francisco Bay Area and has a deep connection to the people and the vibrant culture of the local community which enables him to offer an immersive and consultative approach when interacting with buyers and sellers of real property. He offers his clients a finely-honed negotiation skill set, meticulous attention to detail, and 13 years of licensed agency experience. Art works with residential buyers and sellers, both novice and experienced. His mission is to provide ethical representation always while helping clients to build net worth and achieve their financial goals through strategic real estate investing. Additionally, he makes it a priority to treat all his business relationships as unique and special, and to always offer solutions that are extensively tailored to the individual client.

I have been serving buyers and sellers of residential properties since 2006 and I look forward to many more closings to come. My connection to the San Francisco Bay Area is deeply embedded and my love for living and selling homes here grows by the day. I am a resident since 1970 with a long line of generational ties. I use my local knowledge combined with education and training to serve you best. I attended California State University in Hayward, CA where I studied a degree in Finance and continually update my real estate expertise through on-going training & mentoring. Look no further when you are ready to hire an agent to help you buy or sell real estate! My mission is to provide you with ethical representation at all times while helping you grow net worth and achieve your dreams. I make it my priority to treat all of my business relationships as unique and special, and to always find solutions while staying centered on the customer experience!

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We want you to feel confident and relaxed every step of your journey. Check out our latest blog posts - they’ll certainly help you understand the world of real estate a bit better.  
There’s a reason why people love looking at photos of homes for sale — it’s rare that we get to see a place look it’s very best, and scrolling through gorgeous room after room helps serious buyers see themselves settling down in those very rooms.But…
Daydreaming about owning your own home is one of the most intoxicating practices known to modern man, especially now that HGTV and all the house flipping shows make it look like a cake walk. But when the time comes to actually put your money where your daydream is, it can…
There comes a time in every home owner’s life when he or she realizes: “I am not the same person I was when I bought this place.” Maybe your lifestyle or your family configuration has changed, or maybe the house just isn’t as appealing as it was when…
Buying a home can be an anxiety-ridden process, and that potential anxiety gets amplified for anyone who’s embarking on homeownership for the very first time. There’s so much to do and so much you don’t know that “being overwhelmed” hardly…


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